In the world of Morning Post, everyone is smiling, and everyone is thrilled you're bringing them the mail. In this bright land of non-stop cheer, it's up to you to make these people grin even wider with a flurry of smiling letters and messages, delivering joy, rapid-fire.

Morning Post gives you a quiet neighborhood to make your deliveries to, filling it with smiling people and objects you can delivering mail to. Don't just limit yourself to the people around you, though. Doesn't that lamp look lonely? Don't you think it would enjoy getting a letter from a long-lost pen-pal, or a confession of love from the coffee table it went to high school with? Don't limit yourself with who you bring your letter-based happiness to.

Don't limit yourself to one letter, either. These happy messages can go to anyone or anything, and in any amount, so feel free to shower someone with fan mail complimenting them on their dental hygiene, or knock on a door just to hose someone down with rapidly-thrown letters from grandmas the world over, all sending a fiver to keep them going.

Morning Post just wants you to feel the pleasure of giving good news to good people, so go grab it and start feeling the joys of spreading love, happiness, and fun through letters.

Morning Post is available for free on For more information on the game and developer Happy Snake Games, you can head to the developer's site, or you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.