Narcosis drops you at the bottom of the ocean in a heavy diving suit. You're mostly safe, except for the crushing loneliness, dwindling oxygen, hazardous environments, and dangerous flora and fauna. You know, mostly.

Narcosis follows our unlucky protagonist on a journey across the ocean's floor, and you'll have to help them find their way back to the surface again. This means combing through rusted out, dead facilities, walking across the ocean sands and through deep caves, and navigating pitch darkness. While doing all that, you'll fight off sea creatures with light and your knife.

It's already an upsetting situation, but your breathing makes it worse. Exerting yourself draws from the finite oxygen supply in your suit, and draining too much of it will start to make your vision and hearing distort, as well as other aspects. Not only that, but getting stressed out will also make you breathe hard, making these problems worse. It's rough enough that you're trapped down here, all alone, but you'll also have to deal with your mind coming undone from the effects of lack of air.

Narcosis is looking to unsettle and frighten in a realistic way, and if you're up for some fear and the crushing weight of tons of water, it's something to experience. You can even do it in VR if you want to have nightmares about water for a while.

Narcosis is available for $19.99 on Steam and the Humble Store (with an Xbox One version coming in April). For more information on the game and Honor Code, Inc, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.