You're kind of lost and monsters are being kind of difficult in RaGaBa, an infinite arcade game where you throw your body parts at jerk creatures to make sure they don't kill you, seeing as your body's already in pieces and that's enough to have to worry about with being dismembered AND dead.

These monsters don't just tolerate you beating on them without some interference. You have to throw the correct color of body part at the monster to destroy them, so you can't just huck limbs around willy-nilly. You have a few more tools to help you, though, in that you can grab monsters with a tap, pinning them in place and steadily doing damage until they explode or you release them. You can't just grab the colorless ones, though, as they require some right mouse clicks to burst.

Well, if you're carved up, you may as well try to defend yourself. So, get throwing those arms and legs, so you can continue living the sweet life of a pile of parts lying in an endless void.

RaGaBa is available for 1.49€ on Itch.io and Google Play. For more information on the game and developer Thibault Nicollet, you can follow them on YouTube.