This weekend's selection will appeal to a broad spectrum of players, covering genres ranging from explosive action to narrative driven adventures

X-Morph Defense
EXOR Studios | PC | 2017
Towering mechs and enemy ships approach, challenging you to destroy them with X-Morph's arsenal of towers and weapons. Combining shmup and tower defense, your ship unleashes missiles and lasers able to level entire buildings and destroy massive robots.

Four Last Things
Joe Richardson | PC | $7.99
Four Last Things presents a charming adventure through the worlds of Renaissance paintings, on a journey seeking out the truth of Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell.

Arcto Games | PC, Mac, Linux | Free
Reel acts as a short prototype for the larger project Toryanse, telling a condensed story of an older woman exploring and interacting with the facility where she works.

Missile Cards
Nathan Meunier | PC | April
Missile defense has never been as unique as it is in Missile Cards. Rather than a frenetic arcade approach, Missile Cards turns defense into a turn-based card game, as you upgrade and deploy powerful weapon such as shields, orbital lasers, and cannons.