This Screenshot Saturday selection takes you on a journey to mystical islands, stop-motion cities, and otherworldly train rides.

Kong Orange | PC
Playing as two children, you explore the mysterious World of Language in Vokabulantis. You have to guide the duo, working together to solve puzzles, and learn more about this otherworldly place brought to life through stop motion.

Twirlbound | PC, Mac, Linux | 2018
Pine drops you into the midst of an AI-driven ecosystem, ranging from migrating beasts to advanced tribes. Wielding glider, blade, and other weapons and gear, your hero can work with or against factions, delve into dungeons and temples, and engage in challenging fights against enemies that adapt to your tactics.

Blackwood Crossing
PaperSeven | PC, PS4, Xbox One | 2017
Scarlett and Finn's seeming normal train ride soon becomes one of surreal mysteries in Blackwood Crossing, a narrative adventure that explores themes of coming of age.

Konstructors | PC
An odd island, weird geometric structures, and a cable crossing the entire landscape; these are the foundations in upcoming puzzle game Linkage. You must travel the open expanse of the island, manipulate impossible architecture, and discovering notes and clues to progress the story.