From the rocky peaks of treacherous mountains to the hectic seas of a naval battle, you'll find a diverse array of games featured this weekend.

The Alpinist
Bobcat Studio | PC | Summer 2017
Controlling Z, you climb and explore The Alpinist's side-scrolling mountainous region, using tools such as ice axes and the grapple hook to navigate the terrain. Deadly animals, deadly drops, and diminishing stamina are constant threats.

Traitor Nightly
Subaltern Games | PC
Traitor Nightly combines tactical board game with interactive fiction. As you battle armies and capture territories, represented by the board, you also make choices that mold the overall narrative.

Holdfast: Nations At War
Anvil Game Studios | PC | 2017
Set during the Napoleonic era, Holdfast pits your armies against other players on both land and sea. Clashing bayonets, discharging muskets, and warring ships come to life in this multiplayer shooter.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA
Ironward | PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 | Late 2017
Currently seeking funds on FIG, Solstice Chronicles brings hectic dual stick shooter combat to the red caverns and wastes of Mars. Your well-armed marine must fight through infested facilities, wielding powerful weapons, tactical drones, and unlockable skills.

Unnamed horror game
Evening Wayward | PC
Through a dim grainy camera, you explore mysterious locations in this creepy adventure/survival horror hybrid