Super Galaxy Squadron has come a long way ever since we first wrote about it in 2014. From humble beginnings, it had two substantial free content updates and grew into the wonderful thing that is Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo - its final form, if you will.

So what does "the latest, greatest and FINAL edition of Super Galaxy Squadron" bring to the table? Apart from three new fighters to command (making it 17 playable ships total), there is a new Boss Rush mode, new leaderboards, and a bunch of achievements.

The most useful addition must be the ability to temporarily slow down the on-screen action in order to dodge and weave around those nasty bullets, making some of the later stages a bit more accessible. Slowmo is on a timer with a bit of a cooldown though, so you cannot just cheat your way through the game.

The rest stays the same, essentially: bullet hell shmup, nice big sprites, lots of bullets, pretty beginner-friendly due to a couple of difficulty options. If you're looking for a nice entry-level title to bullet hell shmuppery, this is it.

You can purchase Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo from The Humble Store or Steam for $9.99.