zs_dd screenshot1-j5qjpv5z.png

Even with undead having taken over the world, apparently there is still crime. I'm not sure what a zombie crime would entail (stealing brains?), but Margh, a private detective, is still on the case in goofy, lighthearted point & clicker Zombie Society - Dead Detective.

Just don't go accusing the wrong undead. You wouldn't want them to get falsely arrested and executed, would you?

Zombie Society - Dead Detective involves a lot of wandering around zombie society, looking for clues and trying to figure out who is responsible for the game's oddball crime. You can combine those clues and items to make even more important clues, interrogate suspects to get more evidence, and then come up with your own conclusions on who's guilty. Just don't screw up with your accusations, as you can get multiple endings depending on how much you mess up.

Margh could use a little help, even if being dead has done little to sharpen his wits. If you've got a half hour and no money in your pocket (although you can offer a little donation), then take some time getting to know undead society and make the city a safer place to (not) live with Zombie Society - Dead Detective.

Zombie Society - Dead Detective is available for whatever you wish to pay for it on GameJolt. For more information on the game and developer Interactales, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.