Algotica - Iteration 1 aims to teach players how to program, something that immediately makes me, and probably a lot of there people, very nervous. The idea of programming is daunting to a lot of folks, but this game aims to make it approachable and simple, having players guide a cute robot through colorful worlds of puzzles using the basics of programming. It's looking like a good place to start getting those skills, and a striking puzzler to boot.

Algotica - Iteration 1's story is about the relationship between Lony, our adorable robot buddy, the developer, and you, as the player. Your job here is to help Lony get to the end of each area, following the rules and logic of Algotica. As you guide it, you'll learn more about the digital world within your computer, as well as how to give Lony commands to follow that will lead it through obstacles and past the odd presences that are hiding in your hard drive.

Those commands you give Lony are a hint at how programming works, but dolled up as a fun puzzler. By setting up a series of steps for Lony to follow, Algotica - Iteration 1 is looking to give you the basics of programming, having you break down every step you want the robot to take, then see where you've given poor instructions until you create a proper path for it to follow. It's something a lot of games have promised before, but even if I don't learn a thing from it, Algotica - Iteration 1 promises a gorgeous, bright, and imaginative world to wander through while I try to pick up some skills.

Algotica - Iteration 1 is available for $9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Alexander Khoroshavin, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.