Deep below the earth, it's pitch black, so dark and far from the sun that you can't even see your hands. All hope would be lost in Introversion's Scanner Sombre if not for the game's signature device, a LIDAR scanner that colors in the surrounding world and lets you embark on an adventure into the subterranean unknown.

With a hold of the trigger (or click of the mouse), laser dots coat the landscape, drawing colorful depth and substance from the darkness. The shadows become stalagmite and stalactite, claustrophobic tunnels and expansive caverns, structures once hidden in the endless dark.

Each step is guided by your hand, visually crafting the environment to move forward and learn more about the cave system. Reminiscent of games such as Gone Home and Dear Esther, Scanner Sombre promises a lean minimalist experience telling its enigmatic story through the landscape, discovered sights, and sounds. Your scanner transforms navigation into equal parts art in motion and cautious discovery, revealing secrets at the pace of your hand.

Scanner Sombre is available on PC and Mac for $11.99, from Steam as well as directly from Introversion's site.