If you're looking for a city-building, index-finger workout - look no further than City Clickers. Build your town the way you want it and work for it with hard earned clicks!

In City Clickers, you will start off with a simple house and road,being warned that establishments can only be built near roads. You have to plot your placements carefully, and each construction project comes with a cost. The cost is simply clicks from your mouse, but the amount of clicks is where you may end up with some strong index finger muscles.

Benefits come along with building establishments, with housing giving you more population and helping bring in money. That being said, there's always the necessary buildings (like water towers) that will require maintenance costs. The goal is to build your town to your liking, but also while maintaining steady and large profits.

The trailer immediately won me over. I think I'll have to add finger-stretching to my daily regiment.

You can vote for City Clickers in the 1-Bit Clicker Jam on You can also check out their YouTube and Twitter.