Food and dance - maybe even a hot chase! All come together in The Entertainer, a game where you must entertain or suffer dire, final consequences.

In The Entertainer, you play as a large man armed with a band in your backpack, which you can play for the masses. Unfortunately, the local authorities don't take kindly to your jolly, disruptive nature, and you'll have to try to entertain as stealthily as you can.

The reward to entertain is coins, which you can use to purchase food from a vendor wandering the area. Having a snack replenishes some energy and allows you to spread more joy. As you entertain and spend time in the square, your energy will go down. You can tell how much trouble you're in by how fast you can run, as your running abilities grow weaker as your energy gets lower.

You will only have a certain amount of time to do whatever you need to do in a day - whether it be drumming up that last coin for the vendor or trying to amass coins for the next day. Once the time is up, you will move on to a new day and new set of people to entertain. Unfortunately, it seems the police are slightly more aware as you progress, and getting caught by the police sends you straight to jail with an empty belly and moves you to the next day (but at least it doesn't take the money you've earned!). Hopefully, if you get caught, you will have time to eat before you run out of energy and kiss the cement.

You wouldn't want to die of hunger and leave these people without entertainment, would you?


The Entertainer is available on You can also follow the developer on Twitter.