Kimmy will take you back to 1960's Massachusetts, having you playing as Dana, a young woman tasked with babysitting title character Kimmy. As you take care of the young girl, you'll get to know more about her and her mysterious family, all while making new friendships and having fun under the warm sun.

Dana, the protagonist, meets Kimmy when she finds her wandering the neighborhood. From there, she decides to take care of the little girl, joining her for games, meeting friends, and getting to know the various people in the neighborhood. Depending on what she says to any of them or what you decide to do together, you'll get to know Kimmy and the other neighbors, although you'll have to play through the short game a couple of times in order to really get close to these people.

Despite Kimmy's cute art style, it does deal with some difficult topics, like death, from the perspective of teens and young children. It also deals with a few other sensitive subjects, and when seen through the lens of this art style, it adds even further weight to these subjects. This world seems so light and happy, so when dark things enter it, they feel like they need to be faced. Star Maid Games excels at this kind of powerful emotional investment, though (having previously released Cibele), so it should be no surprise that they've created another world to get intimately connected to.

A fun-filled Summer, lots of friends, interesting chat, and a little bit of mystery are waiting for you. May as well start your Summer a few months before the heat hits!

Kimmy is available for $9.99 on and Steam For more information on the game and Star Maid Games, you can head to the game's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.