Rabbit Story is a cute, top-down adventure which features an even cuter cast of animal characters. Play as Rabbit, who, to get his mind off of forgetting a friend's birthday by accident, goes on a grand adventure and encounters a new friend - Doggy, with players sharing in their adventure together and learning a little something about real-life relationships..

You guide Rabbit through this adventure with a carrot, exploring the woods nearby to distract from the guilt of forgetting Kitty's birthday with a little wandering. To help get his mind off his mistake, you may help him gather mushrooms for soup, chop some branches, or guide him toward other cute creatures he can meet. You may even have to keep him safe in a supernatural encounter.

In this adventure, the developer wants to convey the feelings of human relationships and how complicated they can get through the lens of some cute animals. Through Rabbit forgetting Kitty's birthday, the game will be tackling how delicate friendships are - or how quickly they can be cultivated, like when by Rabbit shares an adventure with Doggy.

Using a simplistic art style and adorable animals, I could see this being a great game for those who enjoy a soft-hearted life lesson, and it could possibly reach younger audiences.

You can find Rabbit Story's Greenlight page here, where they have been recently greenlit! You can also follow them on their official site, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.