Raise the Dead is a strange name for a game where you'll be doing everything you can to cure zombification, growing plants and exploring for potion ingredients you can use to try to make an antidote. Although you might screw up a bit along the way, having to capture and experiment on living dead specimens to see if it works.

Since your whole job in Raise the Dead is curing zombification, but without actually really knowing how, most of your game will be spent experimenting. You need to grow your own plants and find parts for potions, then concoct potential cures out of the materials yourself. Once you have a formula made up, you'll want to capture a zombie or two to try it out on, hopefully not melting their kinda-adorable faces along the way.

As you keep trying (and failing) to cure them, you can expand your facility to house many captured zombies, and create potions more efficiently.With new tech, better prisons, and more refined potion-making gear, you stand a good chance of making a cure...eventually. In the meantime, you'll at least be having fun with these wacky undead though. And your experimentation isn't having too much of an adverse effect on them, right?



You can pay what you want for Raise the Dead's alpha version on Itch.io. For more information on the game and developer Colossal Wreck, you can follow them on Facebook, IndieDB, TigSource, and Twitter.