This picture is what the developer sent me to get me pumped for Knuckle Sandwich's next update video. It worked. Is this a hint at some sort of newspaper funnies capturing minigame that will exist in the goofy RPG? Will I be able to capture and train Andy Capp as a fighter for my team? Figure out Marmaduke's ablities? Groom Alley Oop for warfare?

Probably not. But there are some fun RPG activities you'll be doing, if the trailer is any indication.

Yes, all of the RPG delights will be there. Buying things just to replace them one town over. Talking to locals about mountains, bandits, and mountain bandits. Screwing up a part time job you have selling burgers to make ends meet since stealing items from homes and beating people on the streets for money is kind of weird and evil. Getting your behind paddled in turn-based, timing-based combat that is very, very hard (except for that one guy who played it right after me, who I hated a bit since he was so good at it). It's all wonderfully silly, and all shaping up for a good old ridiculous RPG experience.

The trailer has some new treats, though, offering looks at a handful of goofy monster variants, but most importantly, funny 3D minigames. It doesn't say if they're tied to combat or not, but you'l be dancing and catching monsters in three dimensions. That's a whole extra dimension, which somehow pushes this game's goofiness into the stratosphere. Look at him dancing at the end of the video? Incredible. If you dig silly RPGs, this one is looking better and better with each video its developer drops.

But he now needs to stop all that and make that newspaper comic character capturing game since I want to fight Cathy with Dick Tracy. So, I'm sorry. Knuckle Sandwich is gonna have to wait a bit.

For more information on Knuckle Sandwich and Andrew Brophy, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on YouTube, Twitter, and TIGSource.