If you like lovecraftian horrors, randomly-generated action, and sci-fi base building, this collection of highlights will certainly have something to suit your interests.

Ponywolf | PC, Mac | $9.99
As a modifier master assassins, you wield deeply customizable weapons in the roguelike shooter Skipchaser, crafting powerful guns and armor to survive procedurally generated gauntlets.

Majd Akar | PC
Gurenmaru combines RTS, survival game, and robot combat, as you build and manage colonies and then personally protect them against mechanical enemies in fast-paced battles.

Win That War
Insane Unity | PC | April 7th
MMO meets solo campaign in Win That War, a sprawling RTS, where success in missions influences faction controls as a whole across contested planets. Gather resources, place units, and fight for your faction.

Skies of Chaos
Donovan Seifert | Browser | Free
Skies of Chaos places you before the screen of an air traffic controller; using radar, you must guide planes to land safety, altered routes and advising speeds to avoid collisions, storms, and military transports.

The Nightmare From Beyond
Domaginarium | PC, PS4
A third person platformer set in a Lovecraft-inspired world, The Nightmare From Beyond follows heroine Sanja as she explores, traverse, and survives twisted landscapes and discovers the secrets of the game's mysterious ruins