Four different tales of science fiction, from the more brain-teasing to the more laser-firing, can be found within this weekend's highlights

Black Hive Media | PC | 2017
As the titular mercenary, your journey in Kova takes you across diverse planets in a metroidvania RPG, engaging in fast-paced shootouts and upgraded your gear, ship, and suit.

Charm Games | PC, VR
Describes as Myst meets 2001, Form challenges you to explore otherworldly sci-fi landscapes and solve tactile puzzles, unlocking the mysteries of a alien obelisk.

Cozen Servo
MonoBrain Games | PC | 2019
Cozen Servo is a side-scrolling action game, combining 2.5D exploration and platforming with frenetic combat. You'll need to dodge homing missiles, fight giant mechs, and explore crashed ships to unravel the game's narrative.

Subdivision Infinity
Crescent Moon Games | iOS, Android | May 2017
Subdivision Infinity brings hectic space combat to mobile, challenging you to deftly fly and fight among enemy fleets, incoming squadrons, and varied cosmic backdrops.