Eldritch woods, alien plains, shadowy streets, and more are your stops along the journey through this collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights.

Crimson Hills
Loaded Games | PC
Set in the haunted lands of castle Baskerville, Crimson Hills puts you in the shoes of a brave detective solving puzzles, evading lurking horrors, and uncovering Lovecraftian mysteries in this first person adventure.

In The Shadows
Colorspace Studio | PC, PS4, Xbox One | Late 2017
The shadows are both friend and foe in this puzzle platformer. Dark beings roam the rooftops and surreal landscapes, but light transforms them, into doorways, ladders, blocks, and other useful tools to solve tricky puzzles

Mikea15 | PC, Mac | Free download
Crashlanded on a planet of floating platforms, isometric puzzler Astromike taks you with surviving a hostile landscape one step at a time. Deadly hazards await, forcing you to plan your route to dodge enemy turrets and more dangers.

Elyra: Echoes from the Void
Alcyon Games | PC
Explorer Aida Nebul finds herself stranded on a distant moon in Elyra, a sci-fi metroidvania that follows your quest to explore the alien world and fight against the hostile faction hunting you across the moon.

Exo One
Exbleative | PC | 2017
Exo One lets you slide, roll, and fly across atmospheric planets as a high-tech drone, using momentum to ramp off dunes and glide through ruins. As you explore different exoplanets, you uncover the story of a doomed expedition.