Between the SWAT series, Door Kickers, and the in-development Tear Through, games about tactically controlling police is small but growing sub-genre. Police Stories looks like the next intriguing entry to watch, combining real-time action with strategic systems, non-lethal mechanics, and randomly-generated encounters.

Working with your AI-controlled partner, Police Stories pits your duo against unknown layouts, deadly corners, and waiting criminals. However gun blazing is the last tactic you should be considered, as arresting enemies and using surprise and stealth will be your first priorities to overcome Police Stories' challenges. Enemies aren't automatically aggressive, instead taking a second to react to your presence and choose whether to attack or surrender; using those moments to close in, take down, and arrest separates the triggerhappy from the tactical players in Police Stories.

Of course, every random encounter won't be resolved non-lethally, and you'll have a range of equipment and strategies to gain the upperhand. From flashbangs to peeking under doors, to high-powered weaponry and commands for your partner, Police Stories' shootouts are all about covering corners and quick reactions. More tense situations can even feature bombs that need to be manually disarmed (complete with wires to snip), well-armed gang members, and other diverse threats.

Police Stories doesn't have a release date yet, but an early alpha is expected soon. You can sign up for the alpha here and learn more about the game on its Steam page.