You've probably orchested more than a few digital murders, whether it be the slick accidents of the Hitman games or a chain reaction of traps in Dishonored. But in The Sexy Brutale, you have a trickier goal: prevent murder from ever happening...after the murder has already occurred. Thanks to a time loop and the occult mysteries of the game's titular hotel, you'll have to stop dastardly killings again and again through a mix of cautious stealth and adventure game-esque puzzler.

Throughout the elegant halls of the Sexy Brutale casino hotel, mask-wearing guests are meetung their ends at the hands of the staff. As priest Lafcadio Boone, your fate seems certain, but a mysterious visitor imbues you with the ability to reset the day, and thus the means to undo the murders and discover the otherworldly secrets of the hotel.

The repeated looping day turns that task into a sprawling puzzle, with each guest within different wings of the hotel and involved in their own little stories. While items won't carry over when the day resets, your knowledge of events will, allowing you to subvert the staff's evil plans. Success in The Sexy Brutale rests heavily on observation and timing, as you tail victim and killers, learning layouts, item placement, and sequences of events.

With each murder undone unlocks powerful new skills and enhancements, ranging from greater control over the time loop to a larger hearing radius to listen beyond closed doors. But with these skills comes new dangers; the masks of guest and staff alike may be more deadly than they appear.

The Sexy Brutale is available for $19.99 on Steam, GOG, PS4, and Xbox One. You can find more details on game and developer on their site, Twitter, and Facebook.