Fans of the RPG Maker Horror genre will have a new game to look forward to with Stitched. The game tells the story of a girl named Catherine Stockholmes who has suddenly awoken in a doll factory riddled with creatures and puzzles that try to keep her from escaping the horrific nightmare.

The puzzles, judging by the trailer, seem even more unforgiving than the monsters. Upon finishing a puzzle, foes swarm Catherine and force the players to think on their feet so they can escape the area unscathed. Luckily, Catherine has a health bar, so it seems she can take some damage without an instant game over. That being said, there are a couple of different enemies seen in the trailer and some may pack more of a punch than others.

One of the biggest drawing points to Stitched is the unique art style. The artist was able to create visuals that featured gruesome scenes and, at the same time, the innocent look of Catherine. The environments are also very well crafted, giving the player just enough light to see around their immediate area and not much beyond that - tempting the curious to see what lurks in dark corners.

The details on the mysterious story of Stitched are limited at the moment. Hopefully, closer to the projected release date of Q3 2017, we will learn more of the unsettling factory and it's curious protagonist.

You can vote for Stitched on Steam Greenlight. For more information on Stitched and Fluffex Studios, you can check out their Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.