Rakuen is an adventure game that revolves around a young boy that is hospitalized and wants to venture to his favorite storybook world. Players will have to help guide the young boy through the world and complete quests to aid the other patients in the hospital. The ultimate goal is to meet the Guardian, so that the boy can make a wish (one that hopefully won't be heart-rending, but probably is).

Fans of To The Moon may sense some familiarity in the music of Rakuen due to the developer being Laura Shigihara. She's created a lot of amazing music for other games and, as a fan of her work, I'm extremely excited to hear the music for Rakuen which she's been working on for a long time.

With such a strong soundtrack in the works, the next thing to pair would be the visuals, and it does not fall short in the slightest. Just at a glance, Rakuen has a strong grasp of what makes a magical world magical - in a visual sense. The cast of characters are unique, adorable, and quirky - so, it's safe to say the most players will feel themselves getting closer to some characters as they solve puzzles, learn about the story, and develop bonds with some dying, lonely patients through a fantasy world.

Rakuen is available on Steam now! For more information on Rakuen, check out the site. You can also follow Laura Shigihara on Twitter and check out her music on YouTube.