Claybook is a physics-based game where you can control a blob of clay that morphs into different objects to solve the puzzles in each chapter. It's very realistic in that as you roll around, you get smears of color - which makes me wonder if I'll always end up that weird shade of grey-brown.

In order to solve Claybook's puzzles, you may have to take on all sorts of shapes, like that of a rectangle to form a bridge and cross a river of blue clay. The shapes you can take on can range from a standard ball of clay all the way to a rocket ship! If you're worried about not hitting the perfect landing, you can rewind time so that you can try your approach again.

On top of these pre-built levels, there is also the option for players to build their own levels. The possibilities are about as endless as a real batch of clay and much more fun. Players can play levels together with their friends, as well in a split-screen mode to get as messy as possible.

Between the bright, colorful, and upbeat atmosphere and the endless creativity, Claybook promises to be a great addition to a clay-loving player's library.

For more information about Claybook, check out their website. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.