Apology Simulator places you on both sides of the apology, having you put together a request for forgiveness based on mistake you made that is never made clear, then deciding if that request was sincere or not. In each line that you decide to put in your apology, though, you'll squirm under the weight of an unknown event that becomes clearer with each line, and just how awful your request truly is.

Your job for each request is to go through it, line by line, and decide what the best thing to say is. It doesn't take very long for a sense of discomfort to arise out of what you're saying, as statements frequently pop up to downplay, ignore, or push blame on to the person you hurt instead. Even at their best, these apologies reflect inexcusable acts, or at least feel as if they do.

Once you feel you have a good apology put together, you get to examine it as a letter, deciding whether to accept it or not. Somehow, this feels even more damning, seeing a life-altering event reduced to a few words of saying sorry that feels half-hearted no matter how long you spent on it. It's dark and upsetting, but stares deep into the nature of asking for forgiveness when we've done something truly wrong to another person, although those who've been hurt by these apologies themselves might find it cuts a little too close to their own heart.


Apology Simulator is playable for free in Itch.io. For more information on the game and developer Matthew Seiji Burns, you can head to their site or follow them on Twitter.