Beeswing offers players a look into a childhood place - a view of the countryside and the people in it, should they choose to wander and get to know who they meet. It's a lovely game, like walking through someone's pleasant memories, and now, you can play it for free.

You can explore a small Scottish town in Beeswing, taking your time to meet the people there and talk with them. There's no puzzles or combat or anything like that, but simply a pleasant slice of childhood life for you to take in.

Beeswing is made by hand, like much of King-Spooner's works, and in doing so, brings a real sense of closeness with the world you'll be exploring. Something about the mixture of hand-made art and personal story helps make this place seem warm and comforting, even in its sad moments. It's like the sombre recollection of lost childhood places - its warm and its happy, even when tinged with regret or loss. It's a journey through these mixed feelings, and now that it doesn't cost anything, you have 0 excuses not to go try it.

If you should find yourself touched by the people and pretty places (and the hints of King-Spooner's sense of humor), though, you can still grab the paid versions in other places. Just hinting. Strongly.

Beeswing is available for free on GameJolt, but should you further wish to support the developer, it can be purchased on and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Jack King-Spooner, you can head to the game's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.