A 2D tribute to FPS classics of old sounds like an odd combination at first, and yet Transhuman Design's Butcher manages to pull it off admirably. There's a certain purity to the game's dirt-colored palette and its no-frills gunfights that might very well resonate with players yearning for more Doom and Quake. Released to the PC a few months ago, Butcher now makes its console debut on PS4 and Xbox One.

Playing a cyborg tasked with cleaning up the universe from these pesky humans, your task is rather one-note: kill everything that moves. Equipped with a veritable arsenal of things that go boom, you set out to do just that, traversing different post-apocalyptic scenarios and leaving a trail of carnage in your wake.

Butcher is very clearly a fast-paced shooter first, and a devious platformer second. There's the occasional "run for your life while a giant buzzsaw chases you" moment, but mostly it's all about the shoot-outs. Transhuman Design managed to nail the controls, allowing for some pretty intense firefights.

All of this is accompanied by hellish soundscapes as your victims cry, moan, and shriek, giant buzzsaws whirr, and sirens blare in the distance. In comparison, the pixel graphics feel downright crude, but then, given the game's rather grisly nature, lack of detail might be a blessing after all.

You can purchase Butcher from Steam, the PSN Store, and the Xbox One Store for $9.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow Transhuman Design on Twitter or Facebook.