Bedtime Digital Games are no strangers to imaginative, dreamlike scenarios. Their previous title Back To Bed dabbled in some highly surreal world building. It looks like their upcoming release Figment will continue this wonderful weirdness and also add some wondrous, wonky tunes to the mix.

The game takes you on a journey to a gorgeous world full of outlandish sights and sounds, which just so happens to be our unconscious. The human mind, filled with our thoughts, urges and memories... and sadly overrun by ghastly creatures who spread fear throughout the land.

Playing as the grumpy Dusty and his snarky avian sidekick Piper, your adventure takes you all over the mind, solving puzzles and beating up bad things. While the game is largely focused on the former, combat doesn't just feel like an afterthought. It's not as involved as, say, Bastion's tense fights, but it acts as a nice diversion from hunting for doodads and solving environmental puzzles.

All of this is already quite enjoyable, but it is Figment's presentation that makes it such a treat. From the hand-drawn world to the exquisite sound design, the game is full of small, lovely details. Guitar-trees and tuba-mushrooms twang and squeak indignantly when getting hit, caterpillar bridges make squelching noises when you cross them.

It's not all fun and games, mind you. There's a darker subtext to all of this, and an immediate threat to the inhabitants of this inner world. But still, this is such an imaginative, joyful world - you'll want to spend some time here.

Figment will be released later this year for Steam and major consoles. In the meantime, you can visit the game's website or follow Bedtime Digital Games on Twitter.