Carried Away is a physics-based puzzle game that lets you build lifts/jumps/bridges that bring out your inner architect, or, sometimes, your devious side to send skiers careening down a low-poly mountain terrain.

You'll be tasked with creating lifts that are safe and within your budget. Point A to B may seem simple at first, but sometimes that pine tree creeps a little too high and a poor client hits the dirt/snow. You'll have to be careful of the obstacles, whether they be money or nature.

If you prove proficient enough at transferring people up the lifts, you may want to move to a more difficult challenge in the form of jump construction. Some skiers/bikers may want to catch some air and pop a cool trick! You'll need to make sure that's the only thing they pop by constructing safe jumps.

You'll be able to create your own levels and challenge yourself with a pine-ridden mountain or terrible terrain. This mode lets you dictate just how hard you'd like the game to get, so don't pull any punches.

Check out Carried Away's Steam Greenlight page! You can also check out the developer's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.