Kitsune Games' MidBoss is a traditional roguelike with a twist: possess your fallen foes. You start out as a lowly imp, the weakest of all dungeon dwellers, but nobody wants to be a minion, right? So you body-hop your way through the dungeon, growing in power and size, until you can face the endboss - or die trying.

Leveling up in your current form unlocks abilities that can even be used after you switched bodies. Finding the right combination of host, equipment, and unlocked skills is a fun metagame that entices you to experiment and forget all about your goal for a while. Of course you're going to need a solid build if you want to make it further into the dungeon...

Par for the rogue-like course, you'd better get used to dying a lot. In what almost feels like trolling, the game lets you create fancy death cards upon your demise, showing the world exactly how you kicked the bucket and what you achieved so far. You can either share those via social media or use them for your next run to retain one item from your previous attempt. Either way, this is a neat little concept that sets Midboss apart from similar games.

Overall, MidBoss is a charming roguelike with a few tricks up its sleeve and a whole bunch of secrets to discover, stuff to unlock, and infuriating deaths to tell the world about. Highly recommended for fans of the genre!

You can purchase MidBoss from itch.io or Steam for $14.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow developer Kitsune Games on Twitter.