Mini Ghost is an MSX-style action/exploration game, one that will have players guiding a cute robot through some deadly corridors, blasting cranky machines and collecting cool gadgets that will make survival easier. That is, unless their multiplayer partner can do something about it by tweaking elements of the game to screw over their friend.

Mini Ghost is a short prequel to one of the developer's other games, Ghost 1.0, another neat sidescroller (which you should also look into). It has you guiding your mechanical problem-solver through a space station, exploring one hundred rooms and picking up twenty-four weapons and tools to deal with whatever issues you come across. It should be a short, playful, and fun experience the whole time, though, especially with its cute MSX look.

In multiplayer mode, though, another player can control just how hostile the enemies get. Or they can stick in false platforms. Or drop in items. Depending on how your pal wants to play, things can get really hairy, or a little easier, throughout Mini Ghost. You can also exercise your own control over the game by making your own characters, tiles, and levels for the game yourself, allowing players to change up the game to their liking on top of altering it in multiplayer play.

Cuteness and customizability make for a fun experience, right? And who doesn't like to make a robot hostile?

Mini Ghost is available for $1.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Unepic Fran, you can head to the game's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.