Mountain Speak casts you as a historian tasked with collecting the stories of a country,learning the truth behind the place's history. Truth seems to be a fluid thing in the world of Mountain Speak, though, as the land itself is shaped by the histories the player investigates and feels are right. Once the player decides they have all the answers, the world changes to suit them.

Mountain Speak gives you a pair of guides to lead you through the country, where you can examine artifacts and talk to the locals to see if you can figure out the real history of it for your character's studies. You'll want to examine each piece of information closely, as few know the real answer as to the country's past, so following threads that seem to lead to a single truth will be key. Especially within all of the well-meaning, but useless information among the artifacts and people's anecdotes.

Once you feel you've assembled enough information, you can write down what you feel is the real history of this place. Whether right or wrong, though, you'll see that history reflected in the country in the present, with the past shifting based on what you feel is true. It's an intriguing concept and look at how modern beliefs can alter the perception of past events.

And also, how often can you mess up a country's entire way of life by reading too much into the local tall tales?

Mountain Speak is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight. For more information on it and developer Kim Savory, players can head to the game's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.