Nadia Was Here takes some elements from classic RPGs - like art and music - and tosses in a unique battle system. Players will have to strategize with the use of lanes and carefully position their party members to take down their foes!

Nadia Was Here easily promises a new experience with the combat system featured in the trailer. There will be three lanes and three party members to manage. Three of these characters were shown in the trailer, with Nadia specializing in stealing, letting her retrieve items and weapons from monsters (players can even see what the monsters have by selecting them). Tereshan specializes in learning skills from monsters and using those skills against them. Hogan's specialty is defense, and can put up barriers to help teammates or take on the toughest lanes himself.

Get ready to strategize and explore Nadia Was Here when it releases on Steam in May 2017.

You can check out Nadia Was Here on Steam. You can also check out the developer's site, YouTube and Twitter.