Old Man's Journey showcases a charming seaside town and countryside while tackling sad, but important, memories. In the game, players will be tasked with aiding the Old Man by forming paths for him to reach his destination, exploring his past in visions along the way.

There's so many aspects that promise to make Old Man's Journey a great game. The visuals are very brightly colored and the town has the unmistakeable friendliness of a seaside home. The music heard in the trailer is also very upbeat, and helps reinforce this light-hearted journey. Still, at this point, I was on guard because knowing a game is about life (especially with an older protagonist) makes me nervous about how the journey will end.

The developers want to provide "pressure-free puzzle solving", most likely so that players can enjoy the story and themes presented as they use an ability to morph the landscapes to get to their destination. Of course, the story may make players feel something heavier than pressure since the developers said they would also like to present "heartache, regret and hope through the old man's eyes". This doesn't mean the game will be ridden with pain, since the trailer shows us again how sweet the game can be as well, from riding a hot air balloon to hitching a ride in someone's truck.

Old Man's Journey will be available on Steam, Google Play and the App Store on May 18th 2017.

For more information about Old Man's Journey, check out their site and Steam page! You can also check out the developer's Twitter and YouTube.