Pixel Sand puts the power in the player's hands by allowing them to mix elements to create powerful concoctions - all the way to a nuclear bomb. You can use these powers in the campaign mode to help the hero, Vurhne, remove obstacles and obtain ultimate power for "no good reason at all".

Pixel Sand features an 8 chapter campaign where players follow the story of Vurhne and his journey through the obstacle-ridden caves of Dormacom. Players will have to use the elements provided to them to form solutions to these obstacles - like pouring liquid nitrogen on water to create a walkable path!

The game will also have a sandbox mode for players to be able to mix and match elements to their delight. You can create whatever you want with all the elements at your fingertips. If players are still feeling creative, there is also a mode to create their own universe with a friend so that they can make an extremely challenging level to share with the community.

Pixel Sand is available on Steam now, allowing players to can satisfy their pyromania, embrace total destruction, or see how long they can go without trying to blow something up.

For more information on Pixel Sand, check out their Steam page. You can also check out the developer's site, Facebook and Twitter!