Chronicle of Innsmouth promises some creepy moments and unsettling cosmic revelations with its point & clickery, but with a touch of goofy humor. At least, I assume there's some humor, as the presence of a YMCA in a Lovecraftian tale seems like it could only be there if its developers wanted to goof off a little bit.

Chronicle of Innsmouth takes players to good old New England with its mixture of horror and classic Lucasarts adventure style.The player's character hears about Innsmouth while travelling through the area, and with all of the whispers of cults and paths to exotic worlds sound just a little too intriguing for our travelling hero. As such, you find yourself heading toward the odd town, unaware that trouble and potential doom awaits on that path (there's even some doom at the YMCA!).

Clever clicking will help you solve puzzles, help out townsfolk (hopefully the decidedly less fishy townsfolk), and get you entwined with forces that will leave your mind in tatters and your body a shivering husk, unable to find out where you left your membership card to the YMCA. It promises some creepy revelations for adventure game fans, although I may only be guessing on the humor part, though.

Still, a YMCA in Innsmouth is a funny enough idea on its own, right?

Chronicle of Innsmouth is available for $7.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer PsychoDev, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook and YouTube.