Remember, Remember is a visual novel that will test your morals as you try to uncover the mystery that entangles a group of students. To do so, you will be given various puzzles to solve in order to save your friends - or leave them to die.

You will be entrusted with the role of Kris, one of five close friends. Unfortunately for Kris, a secret has been kept from him, and he must find out the truth from his friends. To do that, you'll want them to stay alive, which means solving some high-stress puzzles where you will have to protect your friends within the time limit. For example, one of the first puzzles traps everyone but Kris in tubes filling with water, and Kris must navigate a maze game in order to save them. There is also a monster lurking within the maze that will try to stop you at every corner, and, if caught, you will lose precious time to save your friends.

Remember, Remember also features a voiced cast - complete with terrified screams and panic! Judging from the demo that is free to try on Steam, they cast some promising voices! The characters are very believable - given the very unbelievable predicament they have been placed in. The game shows some parallels between The Nonary Games and DanganRonpa - also very popular visual novels that feature locked-in casts that uncover secrets. Fans of that genre will be right at home with Remember, Remember.

Remember, Remember is out now and you can purchase it on Steam. Get out there and uncover the truth!


For more information on Remember, Remember, check out the Steam page or on! You can also check out the Michaela Laws' Twitter and website and Ethan Nakashima's website!