The games in this Screenshot Saturday collections pits you against skeletal beasts, eldritch monsters, deadly traps, and much more.

Be BraveO
One Dream | iOS, Android
Be Brave is an RPG adventure set within the depths and passages of Camelot Castle, wielding steel against roaming monsters and doding the deadly traps hidden in the dungeons.

Omni Systems | PS4
Set in a sprawling cyberpunk city, Neopolis is a futuristic multiplayer RTS, putting you in control of crews waging war for control through taking over buildings and using special abilities.

Shift Quantum
Fishing Cactus | PC
An evolution of the popular flash game series, Shift Quantum takes those games' mechanic of inverting the world to solve puzzles and expands it with an improved art style, new hazards, and more complex stages.

Howard Phillips Lovecar
The Secret Pie | PC, Mac, Linux
In Howard Philips Lovecar, the best way to defeat monstrous beings from beyond aren't rituals or ancient texts, but your rustbucket of a car and lead. A top-down shooter, you race across a haunted desert, evading and blasting away at eldritch horrors.