Planet-wide war, otherworldly horrors, and galactic conflict are all well presented by the games featured in this weekend's highlights.

First Strike: Final Hour
Blindflug Studios | PC | May
Nuclear war rages across the globe in macro-scale strategy game First Strike. An expanded port coming soon to PC, First Strike challenges you to build up your missile arsenal while protecting your country and wiping out rivals.

World of Horror
Panstas | PC | Pay What You Want
Set in the 1980s, World of Horror combines unsettling atmosphere inspired by the works of famed artist Junji Ito and old-school tactical RPG, as you explore, investigate, and try to fight back against monsters and eldritch beings.

Starfighter Inc
Impeller Studios | PC
Starfighter Inc is all about its namesake; rather than mining, trading, and exploration, you engage in zero-g combat, customizing your ship and mastering evasion to survive multiplayer dogfights in the void.

The World of Pah
Juanjo Barceló | PC
World of Pah is a relaxing first-person exploration game, letting the player traverse its calm landscapes and discover the secrets of its mysterious places.

Recluse Industries | PC, VR
Towering ruins, ancient machinery, lasers and advanced technology abound in the puzzle adventure Separation, as you solve tactile brainteaser within structures and across the game's desert environments.