Glass Bottom Games just officially announced their next game, Spartan Fist. This first person puncher once again features detective Emma Jones, who seems determined to have a different occupation in every single game she stars in. Now she's apparently in the business of punching dudes. Hard.

Described as a fast-paced "melee brawler with a limitless skill ceiling, Spartan Fist juxtaposes gory violence with punky vibrant voxel characters. Landing in an arena that's different each time you play, you'll navigate your way through a whimsically gritty and colorfully pixelated world while fighting your way to the top. Find different fist upgrades that can change your abilities, and enjoy the visceral satisfaction of punching your enemies" seeing your enemies explode into many tiny voxels. Glorious! All of this in order to retrieve some doodad called the Spartan Fist. I hope it fits, that fist.

In case you're wondering where Franky, your trusty sidekick from Hot Tin Roof is - apparently she's the one who got you into this mess when she found the "punch dudes! get paid!" flyer. Makes me glad that something like the "Glass Bottom Games Extended Universe" exists out there.

Spartan Fist will be released sometime next year. For more information, visit the game's website, or follow GBG founder and programmer Megan Fox on Twitter.