Inspired by the clean minimalism and skillful challenge of the N games, Brute is a hybrid of dual stick shooter and precision navigation, combining action and fast-paced puzzles within technicolor gauntlets.

Armed with your ricocheting bullet and limited fuel, you must glide and thrust through Brute's levels, hounded by relentless enemies. Your exit awaits somewhere within each stage, and an array of threats stand between your and escape: moving blocks that could crush you into dust, lasers that must be manually deactivated, homing missiles. Precise movement and shooting are your most powerful advantages, but using the environmental to even the odds is just as crucial to survive Brute.

From solid structures that force you to carve your path through to shield hubs that protect you from hordes of enemies, Brute's blend of varied level design, enemy types, and hazards promises an action-puzzler that lives up to its name. And that's merely the game's main fifty levels; an additional fifty secret levels ramp up the challenge even further.

Brute will be releasing on Steam and on May 17th. For more details on the game and developer MGFM, you can visit their site and Twitter page.