Traitor Nightly has you juggling a few different tasks. You play as an interviewer questioning the Grandmaster of a game called 'Traitor', playing the game with them as you try to get truthful answers. However, depending on how well you do, you may find your subject altering their answers, forcing you to find a balance between playing well and finding out your interviewee's story.

Traitor Nightly takes you to the Pharostine Empire, a fictional place which the developer describes as "Byzantine Empire crossed with the Ottoman Empire and 1920s America." In this world, you're playing a game with your subject, but as your do, you'll find that the Grandmaster's life is on the line should they lose. This can make talking to someone kind of difficult, as an interview subject who is dying because of you can be loath to give honest answers. You know how these things go.

Tasking players with deciding if story is more important than winning, or if the truth is meaningless if they have to lose for it, it challenges the player to not try their best, or treat games as a back-and-forth rather than something you purely play to win. It explores some of the social aspects of games, as well as the importance of winning and losing, all while in a rich empire with some sharp conversation and a board game that's quite fun to play.

Traitor Nightly is available for $3.99 on For more information on the game and Subaltern Games, you can head to the developer's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.