There was a time when off-road and unorthodox sports games were quite common, from BMX and dirt biking to wakeboarding. So in some ways, the dirt tracks and cliffside paths of Lonely Mountains: Downhill seem like a product of a time capsule from a past era, focused on intense downhill bicycling, a stylish low-poly aesthetic, and custom physics to capture every heavy landing and bone-crushing crashes.

Lonely Mountains promises to live up to its namesake: just you, your bike, and nature, as you race down dangerously twisting and uneven tracks. Drifting around narrow corners leaving spraying dirt in your wake, weaving between trees and leaping across rock outcrops, will require careful management of momentum to reach the bottom of the game's mountains. However if the tracks aren't daring enough, you can forge your own path, going literally off-road into the dense forests and boulders to earn the fastest lap times.

But such reckless downhill action won't leave you unscathed, and Lonely Mountains's physics engine means you'll see your rider suffer from those bad landings and headlong pedaling into trees. Much like its more over-the-top genre brethren Trials, sending your rider catapulting off cliff faces and into narrow groves of tress may be as enjoyable as skillfully surviving each descent.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is currently in development for PC and Mac, and is expected to release sometime next year. In the meantime, you can support the game on Steam Greenlight and learn more through its site, Facebook, and Twitter page.