Have you ever noticed how stingy some games can be when it comes to feeding you new, interesting things to see and do? Unlocking new stuff can feel like an uphill climb sometimes, making you fight for every scrap, every discovery. Not Rupeck Games' Caveblazers, though! In the beginning, every new run feels like Christmas, rewarding you with exciting new sights, gameplay options, and ridiculous attire. You just have to love this game for its generosity.

Comparisons to Derek Yu's Spelunky are, of course, inevitable. As an intrepid adventurer, you explore procedurally generated caves on the quest for fame and fortune. However, what sets Caveblazers apart is its pace. With its hectic, sometimes messy, fights and its huge arsenal of weaponry, the game feels much more like a proper action platformer.

Wielding both a meleee weapon and a fast-firing bow with unlimited ammunition, you take on hordes of enemies hell-bent on making you their next meal. Every couple of stages there are boss fights against extra large foes who feel just a tad too bullet-spongy for my taste. But then, I may just be frustrated by their difficulty, so don't mind my complaints here.

The rest should feel familiar for friends of the genre: deep into the earth you go, hacking and slashing onwards, discovering runes, weapons, and mysterious new powers along the way. What will happen if you quaff this brown potion? Only one way to find out. (It's probably poison. It always is.) You know the drill.

And this is where we circle back all the way to the beginning. Caveblazers works particularly well because it showers you with gifts and new stuff to discover, keeping you motivated throughout. For instance, unlockable traits allow you to completely change the gameplay. You can make your bow attack stronger, but you lose your melee weapon. This is stuff that makes you go "okay, let me try this real quick" and before you know it, you just put another couple of hours into the game.

While Caveblazers has a whole lot of extra features already, one thing I'm particularly looking forward to is its two-player co-op mode which will be released soon. Until then, daily runs with special modifiers and a truckload of other neat options should keep you busy. ...And dressing up in those ridiculous outfits, of course.

You can purchase Caveblazers from the Humble Store or Steam for $9.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow developer Will Lewis on Twitter.