Few games can claim that the choices made in dialogue truly warp the story to fit that choice. It's a challenge to have so many branching stories with so many choices, but Ash of Gods is looking to try it, claiming to offer choices that could lead to party member's deaths - even the leader. In this turn-based RPG, danger lurks in every choice, and it could be your character's head at stake.

The combat is an interesting combination of turn-based battles with a card element. Judging from what is present in the trailer, it's not as terrifying as most card-based combat can get. The turn-based system seems to take priority and the cards look to be more like special skills or tactics. The developers are also planning on putting together a Smart AI that will study your tactics and catch on if you use the same strategy for each fight.

Ash of Gods is looking sharp with its smooth animations that draw inspiration from old cartoons, building upon them with new technology and skills to create fluid motions. The music also sounds good too, which you can hear for yourself by listening to some of the available tracks. With its composers having strong backgrounds in game music, creating tracks for Bulletstorm, Painkiller, and The Witcher (which seems quite fitting for this medieval setting).

Ash of Gods is one to keep an eye on - without a doubt. You can help fund their project on Kickstarter, or help them spread the word to meet their goals to create this striking experience.

For more information on Ash of Gods, you can check out their Kickstarter page. You can follow the developments on the official site, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well.