In Razbury Games' Vidar, everyone will die. That's not a spoiler, that's a fact. Every night, a random person in the small snowbound village will be killed by the terrible beast lurks in the surrounding woodlands, and every night, the story will change, a ripple effect from that death. Vidar combines puzzle solving with system-driven storytelling, as you try to save a town from certain doom.

As a stranger in the titular town, you act as messenger, helper, and then (potential) savior against the relentless beast that slaughters a victim every night. While the puzzles are a major aspect of Vidar, with each being pulled from a pool containing hundreds of puzzles, the relationships within the town is what sets Vidar apart.

Every character has a relationship with another, and your actions and the Beast's murders will start chipping away at those relationships. A cowardly guard may change his behavior if his local hero dies in the caves. Quests might shift focus if the giver of the quest moves on or dies. Random events add to this simulation as well, ranging from an outbreak of disease to deadly floods. Every playthrough, victims are chosen at random, meaning every game will feature a new story of loss and shifting relationships.

Vidar is availabe for $9.99 on Steam, and a demo can found on the game's site.