Phantom Ban Detective Agency is a visual novel that revolves around the mysteries of the paranormal. Playing as an interesting duo of phantom hunters, you'll be able to enjoy five unique cases and solve them, the game proves itself to be one that will be a great addition to any visual novel-lovers' collection.

In Phantom Ban Detective Agency, you will be playing as Riley Weir - a high school student with the uncanny ability to see the paranormal. You'll be joined by Dameon Hunt, a veteran of the paranormal who's looking to Riley to become a new partner in his paranormal-investigating business. Together, you'll be solving the cases and all the dangers that come along with them. One of which may give an all-star swimmer a phobia of the water!

The Phantom Ban Detective Agency prioritizes art above all else (as standard to visual novels), but I had to play the demo to really grasp how well the artists had made the characters and environments work together. A problem I sometimes find in visual novels is a disconnect between background and characters; they sometimes just didn't look to fit in that scene. In The Phantom Ban, I found this to be not the case. The characters all look like they fit to their scene, and on top of that, the music for the pool area was on point. Overall, I found it very aesthetically pleasing.

The Phantom Ban Detective Agency is currently looking for supporters to build upon its' project so that it may offer a deeper experience. Some things they would like to explore, given the proper funding, are branching choices, multiple endings, and romance possibilities! I think these would be a great addition to an already strong looking visual novel.

For more information on Phantom Ban Detective Agency, check out their Kickstarter page or page (both have the demo, which I heavily encourage you to try!). You can also follow the developer on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube!