Roaming around a post-nuclear U.K. can be exhausting work, especially when you're part of a band that has seen a sudden upsurge in popularity after the post-apocalyptic world finds that they love terrible music. That still doesn't put you above running errands, JRPG-style, and trying to keep the irradiated germs from taking you out in Gamey Rot.

Amy Rot and her bandmates, Steven Complex-Bastard and Crystalis Transsexualis, are sent out to pick out the items from a shopping list for their vault, setting out through the sewers, subway systems, and varied nightclubs that dot the wasteland. As they do, they'll meet up with a few other characters and survivors in the world, leading to hangouts, dates, and some elements of an elaborate plot that may put a crimp in the band's new YouTube fame.

Also, there's vicious germs. These germs will slowly cover up the characters' bodies, and only liberal applications of soap and deodorant will keep them going in combat. You can fight back with a complex card system, though, where players can equip certain cards for each character and put them in a general pool, laying them out in a grid. These cards also possess elements of the characters' personalities, forcing players to play them in certain proximities to other cards (Amy likes to be surrounded for one of her cards, since she's self-obsessed, etc). The cards teach you a bit about the characters while also providing a neat, customizable battle plan.

Gamey Rot is looking to take players to a quirky, ridiculous world while offering them a sharp, complicated battle system. Sounds like good, if irradiated, times to me.

For more information on Gamey Rot and developer Kate Barrett, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Itch.io, YouTube, and Twitter.