A happy community is a productive one, and Community Inc takes that to heart. In this village-building simulator, you will be charged with making sure that your community is thriving in both happiness and profits. By fostering better relationships and taking care of your workers, you're sure to turn a healthy profit in Community Inc. Just mind your townsfolk's fire-setting tendencies.

If you've ever had a truly rotten day where your happiness is completely in the dumps and your first inkling to combat it is to light something on fire - you might be a worker from Community Inc! The workers, called Lings, are very particular about their working conditions. If they don't have proper food, bedding, and shelter, they get unhappy. It's fair, no one likes to live like that. Unfortunately, for the player, this means that there could be an onset of pyromania.

I really enjoy the fire idea as a new twist on the genre, but as a player it terrifies me. Generally, when people were unhappy in this style of game, they would vacate or die - leaving you with options to repopulate and torture new unsuspecting residents to forage on the outskirts. Community Inc. wants you to think of the people (or they will burn your village down). The thought of losing so many resources made me rethink my usual strategy.

On top of making sure you have your happiness as high as you can manage, you'll be greeted at various times by different races that may ask for trades that seem like a great idea or some that don't offer much monetary value (but have bonuses to relationships). Sometimes these races will be more interested in fighting than trading, so, on top of keeping your Lings happy and healthy, you must keep your defenses strong

Community Inc will be releasing on Steam in Summer 2017! Plan your strategy and don't let those Lings ignite your village!

For more information on Community Inc, you can check out their Steam page here. You can also check out their official site and follow the developments on Twitter and their Dev Blog.