Cultists be up to no good, but you've got a full tank of gas in your beater car and a shotgun loaded with buckshot. It's time to show those elder ones who's boss in Howard Phillips Lovecar, a fast-paced racer/shooter where you have to smear and blast cultists and evil deities in a hurry.

Howard Phillips Lovecar is a quick top-down shooter that generates some giant monsters for you to deal with. You have to shoot and run them over, tearing off pieces of these colossal beasts in chunks while dealing with a constant stream of cultists and other nuisances. It's designed for fast and dirty play, offering quick mayhem for the player who's only got a few minutes free.

If you don't care for Cthulhu and his boys, the game offers some quick arcade action that will have you smashing Elder Gods against your bumper in no time.

Howard Phillips Lovecar is available for $0.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer The Secret Pie, you can head to the developer's site, or you can follow them on and Twitter.